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Finally we put image to San Publicito. “Everything is image.”

“Everything is image”, says the old advertising proverb. However, every last Friday of January, Spanish advertisers sanctify the feast of a saint who lacks an image: Saint Publicito.

That is why at Peanuts&Monkeys we have rolled up our sleeves and got down to work to discern the iconography of this our patron saint, as it should always be done in a democracy: by voting.

But the candidates were missing, so we asked for enlightenment, and we found it in six of our most prominent brothers, who kindly gave us their profiles to compose the six most common types of saints:

Antonio Montero, the peerless former creative vice president of Contrapunto BBDO, who overwhelmed us with his Herculean chest and represented San Publicito Martir.

Alfonso Gonzalez, the child prodigy of Spanish planners, vice president of the APG, and a great hair, who gave us a devoted San Publicito Obrero.

Ricardo Perez, the unrepeatable creative that marked with fire his contagious slogans in the brains of the children of the eighties, and who with his egregious figure embroidered the San Publicito Papa.

Roberto Lara, president of Mrs. Rushmore, that account that every creative would like to have by his side and who, with his benevolence, created a credible St. Publicite Monk.

Daniel Solana, that genius who at the same time makes you a Creatas y Ejecutas cartoon that marks a milestone in advertising and calls it Postpublicidad, faithfully embodied San Publicito Protector.

Ignasi Giró, a new-age creative who with one hand writes and composes a jingle while with the other designs the plans for an invention, personified San Publicito Guerrero.

With all of them and the help of a 3D scanner we printed your three-dimensional print. All that remained was to reveal the result to the Spanish advertising conclave for them to vote, and we can attest that they are doing so. Where? At www.sanpublicit

Vote brothers, vote. Only until January 19.