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Lotus Bakeries presents the first Blindfold Café

The creative agency Peanuts&Monkeys has developed for Lotus Bakeries the first social experiment in which you don’t know with whom you are going to have coffee.

According to them, having a coffee is not the same as having a coffee with a Lotus cookie, internationally known as Biscoff. When someone puts one of these cookies next to a coffee, it implies an absence of haste and dedication to the person in front of you. They sum it up as “Lotus, the cookie that gives a lot to talk about”. From this campaign concept, they set themselves a challenge. What would happen if two strangers had coffee together? What would they talk about? The action consisted of participants being able to have a free coffee, but on one condition. They were to have coffee with a person they had never met before. Users signed up through the Facebook application “Café a Ciegas” to reserve a day and time. 100% of the guests decided to meet and continue talking with their companion.

In addition, Lotus also invited several well-known bloggers and influencers who followed each other on RRSS, but had not yet met in person, giving them the opportunity to devirtualize while enjoying a fun improvisation workshop.
Link to video case: