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Mitsubishi seeks the true values of the sport with a P&M documentary

Mitsubishi Motors has released “Vuelve A Hablar De Deporte” a short documentary about those athletes who seek triumph and not necessarily fame.

The protagonist is Dani Molina, the Spanish world runner-up who started as a paratriathlete after suffering the amputation of a leg.

Peanuts&Monkeys conceived a road trip format documentary, which in 10 minutes summarizes the two-week trip. Aboard his own Mitsubishi Outlander, Molina crossed the country to visit three other representatives of the true values of the sport: Javier Pintado from Asturias, Marta Brañas from Galicia and Julio A. Amores from Alicante. From their journeys together, inspiring stories and uncontrived conversations about effort, dedication and love for what they do emerge.

The diffusion has been done through social networks with trailers and partial deliveries, prior to the final release of the documentary on Friday, July 22.

With this project, Mitsubishi Motors and Peanuts&Monkeys move forward in their strategy to support the lesser-known face of sport with a different creative approach, as in the previous Outlander PHEV campaign with Javier Gómez Noya.

MadMov House was the production company that developed the entire project. The team was formed by Car García, Odi Montero, Ana Ballesteros and Sunde J. Sastre from the creative agency. On behalf of the client, Olga Orcaray, Cristina Olloqui and Evan Bodelón.

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Documentary Dani Molina:

Chapter 1. Bashing prejudices:

Chapter 2. The crazy sledders:

Chapter 3. Pedaling through rubble: