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Cardboard People


RAIS Foundation is an NGO dedicated to helping homeless people to regain their lives. They are pioneers in the use of the innovative Housing First social integration system, with which they provide a home to people who do not have one.


Despite its important work since 1998, RAIS Fundación was not well known to the general public, which was a problem when it came to obtaining funding.

They needed a campaign that would make them gain notoriety.


We created the concept #PersonasDeCarton, a metaphor that symbolized the moment when a person becomes homeless, becoming fragile and invisible to the eyes of others.

In addition, we wanted to launch a campaign with a big impact to raise awareness of this concept. Therefore, we took advantage of the fact that the election debate was held on December 14 to launch a teaser, in which Richard Gere made a direct appeal to Spanish politicians.

On January 14, we unveiled the #PersonasDeCartón campaign, with a TV spot in which the famous actor made a profound reflection on homelessness. At the end, Richard Gere literally sealed his commitment to these people on his skin, inviting others to make the same gesture.


  • More than 1.8 million reproductions.
  • 10 million impacts with the hashtag #personasdecarton.
  • Direct action with more than 500 people of relevance.
  • 70% more traffic to the RAIS Foundation website in the two weeks of the campaign.




Rais Fundation



WINA 2017 Award