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Mitsubishi ASX “It’s more car”.


The campaign of the independent agency Peanuts & Monkeys, under the claim “It’s more car”, is based on one of the distinguishing features of the Mitsubishi ASX model, being the largest vehicle in its category.


We were looking for a way to make this benefit of the product understandable, even to a child. Because if we are talking about comparisons, children are the best for that.


In Peanuts & Monkeys we looked for a way to tell it and develop this concept in a very simple way, appealing to the childish feeling of “mine is more and better, always”. If we combine this with the magic with which we saw, at that age, our family’s car, we have as a result a very proud girl, not only of her drawing, but also of her car. Knowing that her classmates have nothing to do with her Mitsubishi ASX.

Division Q has been the producer of this spot, in which it is worth mentioning its high involvement from the beginning of the project. Directed by Rebeca Calle, who has managed to capture her naïf and colorful vision of the script. Bringing uniqueness to the piece, with original music composed by José Battaglio.

The campaign has three durations in audiovisual 30, 20 and 10 seconds. In addition, it is an integrated campaign composed of other pieces such as print and outdoor graphics, dynamics for RRSS and radio spots.