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Peanuts&Monkeys and Sony Music collapse the center of Madrid with Dani Martín

On Friday, September 23, the evolutionary agency held an event in the streets of Madrid that brought together more than 50,000 people, completely collapsing the center of the Capital.

The reason was the release of Dani Martín’s latest solo album. Both the artist and Sony Music wanted to get out of formality in this presentation and, for that, they called Peanuts&Monkeys. Thus, the idea was born to put Dani and his band on a convertible bus in which they toured the center of the city performing, live, the songs of La Montaña Rusa.

This bus started its route at Plaza de España and ended at Puerta de Alcalá, making a total of six stops. The thousands of fans present at the event, not only attended the stops, as planned, but followed the bus on this traveling concert, creating an unexpected human tide that completely flooded the streets of Madrid.

This advertising action has been spearheaded by the Sony Music team. On behalf of Peanuts&Monkeys, Ana Calvo, Vicente Javaloyes, Daniel Megías, Álvaro Rossignoli, Lorena Villalobos, Lía García, Paula Ramos and Odilo Montero participated.