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Peanuts&Monkeys creates the first wedding ring to commit to your pet

The Spanish Association of Clinical Veterinarians and “la agencia evolucionaria” launch Compromiso Mascota to coincide with Veterinarian’s Day


This action aims to show the consequences of the spectacular increase in VAT on pet health -from 8% to 21%-, which has led to a 30% decrease in visits to the veterinarian, and a 20% increase in abandonment. In addition, with this campaign, pet owners are made aware of the commitment and responsibility that owning a pet entails.


In the same way that when someone commits to a person they symbolize it with an engagement ring, why not do the same with our pets?

The ring, which is made entirely of leatherette and is shaped like a pet collar, reminds us every day of the commitment we have made to the people who love us most.


But this ring is much more than a symbol. All the money obtained from its sale will be used entirely to save the lives of pets of families without resources that need urgent veterinary care.


The ring has a value of 6 euros and can only be purchased on the campaign website: