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Peanuts&Monkeys, number 1 in the international ranking of independents in WINA 2017.

After an awards gala with two venues, Santiago de Chile and Barcelona, Peanuts&Monkeys has been erected as Independent Agency of the Year at WINA 2017. This is the second edition of this global festival, which emerged in 2016 to recognize the creative work of companies not linked to any large multinational network.


The Spanish agency is the undisputed leader in this international ranking, with a total of 138 points. Second place went to Chile’s Raya with 68 points and third place to France’s GloryParis with 48 points.


The assessment was conducted by more than ninety leading professionals from around the world, from both independent and multinational companies. The jury awarded only 10 Grand Prix, 3 of which went to Peanuts&Monkeys, leaving several grand prizes deserted.


The “evolutionary” agency achieved a very balanced award, being recognized in eleven of the eighteen established categories: Sports (Grand Prix and Silver), Promo Activation (Grand Prix and Honorable Mention), Content (Grand Prix), Direct (Gold), Outdoor (Silver and Honorable Mention), Social (Silver), Effectiveness (Silver), Innovation (Silver), Design (Silver), Media (3 Silvers) and Interactive (Honorable Mention).


The five works recognized by the international jury were “Death Star Mission” for The Walt Disney Company, “El Otro Entrenamiento” and “Vuelve a Hablar de Deporte” for Mitsubishi Motors, “Bus Dani Martín” for Sony Music and “Personas de Cartón” for RAIS Fundación.


By countries, Spain stands out as a creative power in this international festival, thanks to the work of independent companies such as Kitchen, El Cuartel, DoubleYou, Espluga + Associates, Matchpoint, Comunica+A, Bold, RK People, CLV, Yslandia, Grow, La Machi, Indira or Good Rebels, among others.


In this edition, registrations have increased by 32% compared to 2016. More than 165 companies participated, including agencies, design studios and production companies, from 25 different markets: France, Colombia, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Peru, Romania, Ecuador, Russia, Germany, United States, Bolivia, Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Croatia and China.


At the Barcelona ceremony, held on June 30, Peanuts&Monkeys was represented by Joaquín Cobos, Mario Sánchez del Real and Sunde J. Sastre. The Spanish agency had already obtained an excellent record in Buenos Aires in 2016, with 9 awards and a fourth place overall. With the results of this edition, it also becomes the top agency in WINA’s cumulative ranking.