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P&M recovers the legacy of Mitsubishi Motors’ “Cabrero”.

Very few brands have in their advertising legacy a spot as memorable as Cabrero. It is enough to hear one of these two phrases “And Franco, what does he think of this?” or “And Madrid, what? Another European Champion, right?” for anyone who was not a baby in 1993 to remember the image of that endearing goatherd, isolated in his shelter, reciting the incredible news that a visitor had just brought him in his Mitsubishi.


In the words of Peanuts&Monkeys’ CEO, Joaquín Cobos, “in a world as competitive as the automotive world, you can’t miss out on potential like this”. And for the agency, the right occasion came with the new strategic positioning developed for the SUV range: Origin Off-Road.


To vindicate the brand’s experience manufacturing SUVs, “we remembered this jewel and decided to recover its advertising past as well,” according to Sunde J. Sastre, executive creative director. Thus arose the idea of Vaquera, an updated version of the same situation, starring an Asturian woman and the plug-in hybrid SUV as the incredible news she receives.


Vaquera was directed by filmmaker Juan San Román and produced by BeSweet in early November in Cantabria. The spot is the most iconic piece of a campaign that includes multiple conventional media (outdoor, print and radio), but in which “we are working with special attention to the area of PR and social media to consolidate our strategic vision,” says Mario Sanchez del Real, general creative director.


In addition to those mentioned above, the agency’s team included Nieves Gil, Lorena Villalobos, Lía García and Carlos Zamarriego. On behalf of Mitsubishi Motors, it has been supervised by Evan Bodelón, Cristina Olloqui and Olga Orcaray.