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Blind Coffee

Blind Coffee


Lotus Bakeries has, among other products, its caramelized Biscoff cookie, around which the brand’s main communication revolves.


Lotus Bakeries wanted to assert that its cookie is perfect to accompany the “Coffee Moment”, which implies absence of haste and dedication to the person in front of you.


We have been explaining for months in the social networks of Lotus Bakeries Spain that having a coffee is not the same as having a coffee with a Biscoff. The Lotus cookie is a great conversation starter, and now we wanted to prove it by taking it to the street. That’s why we created the first coffee shop where you didn’t know who you were going to have coffee with.


  • The growth trend increased by 30.5%.
  • 1,279 people accessed the APP to sign up for the Blind Café
  • 163,173 people were reached in two days, +143.1%.
  • Interactions with Lotus Bakeries Spain increased by 91.7%.
  • The tables were occupied 95% of the time of the action.