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Tour operator Club de Vacaciones entrusts its communication to Peanuts&Monkeys

Peanuts&Monkeys has been appointed as the agency in charge of the creative communication of Club de Vacaciones, as well as the launch of this brand in Spain.

Club de Vacaciones is the new tour operator specializing in travel for the over-60s, whose objective is to position itself as the leading connoisseur of this broad segment. To this end, it avoids existing stereotypes by providing highly specialized, experience-based offerings.

Peanuts&Monkeys has been chosen for its full-service model and its proven agility to adapt to the changing needs of its clients. The so-called “evolutionary” agency provides a general overview of the challenges of marketing that includes the contribution of its specialists in social networks, digital development, new technologies, events, street marketing, shopper marketing and media strategy, the areas they consider most relevant today.

The agency’s management team is led by Luis Gutiérrez-Vierna, Jota Benedí and Javier Cobos. Club de Vacaciones is represented by José Antonio de la Torre, Luis Mata and Agabio Moreno.