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Mitsubishi and Peanuts&Monkeys break records at the Science Race

On Sunday, October 16, Mitsubishi Spain and the Peanuts&Monkeys agency made history with a selfie in which more than 4,000 people participated.


The pretext was the promotion of the new Outlander. Mitsubishi, official sponsor of the race, commissioned “the evolutionary agency” to design an event that would follow the concept of its campaign: “Back to talking about sport”.


So they created a selfie in which all participants could talk and share the sport by tagging themselves in the photo.


With the longest selfie stick in history, a 25-meter crane, and a 100-megapixel camera, they achieved the largest selfie ever taken in a race.


In addition, they created a microsite where participants look for each other in the mega-photo, tag each other and share it on their social networks. The website is


After breaking the record for the length of a selfie stick and the longest selfie stick made in a race, Mitsubishi and Peanuts&Monkeys hope to break the record for the most tagged selfie in history, currently held by Bolivia with 286 tags.


The Peanuts&Monkeys team that executed the campaign is made up of Pedro Parias, Ramón Moreno, Manu López, Alfredo Martin, Álvaro Rossignoli, Estrella Puerto, Andrehyna Caringella and Javi Rodríguez, among others.