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ASX: Stop beating around the bush


The Mitsubishi car brand had been communicating its ASX model for more than four years under the concept “Twist your world, Turn your world around” and in April 2018 it launched again a campaign for the same model.


For this, Mitsubishi asked us to create a campaign that was different, with price as the central focus, as it is a car with great advantages over the competition.

The objective was to reach a target of men between 45 and 50 years old but with a more youthful tone, centered on the color blue and inspired by the summer.


To get the attention of our public, after so many years of communicating “Twist your world, it was time to change it and say goodbye by saying just the opposite.

“Stop beating around the bush” is the concept of this campaign based on how we beat around the bush when the answer is obvious: if you want a car, buy an ASX.

So, based on humor, repetition, and even absurd arguments, we told our target to stop thinking about it from €15,950.

We created three versions of 20-second spots for the blue, black and white ASX, press and outdoor graphics, radio spots, social media dynamics and a display campaign.