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Pet Commitment


In 2012, there was a dramatic VAT increase in Spain, from 8 to 21 percent, on pet healthcare. As a result, the number of visits to the veterinarian decreased by 30% and abandonment increased by 20%.


The Spanish Association of Veterinarians wanted to make pet owners aware of the responsibility of owning a pet, and to be able to help the most disadvantaged families who could not take care of them.


We created Compromiso Mascota, the first wedding ring that could seal our commitment to pets.

The ring, which was made entirely of leatherette and shaped like a pet collar, was intended to remind us every day of the commitment we make to the people who love us most.

But this ring was much more than a symbol. The money obtained from its sale went entirely to save the lives of pets of people without resources who needed veterinary care.

The ring had a value of 6 euros and could only be purchased through the campaign website:


  • 2100 rings sold in the first two weeks.
  • 2,600 euros raised.
  • More than 90 pets from families without resources have been cared for.
  • 60,213 total video views.
  • 5400 followers on Facebook, becoming a reference page in the world of pets.
  • Compromiso Mascota appeared in all the specialized media of the veterinary sector, as well as in the conventional media.

But, most importantly, Compromiso Mascota continues to sell rings and save pets’ lives.







Ad of the Year Award 2017 in Direct Marketing
WINA 2016 Award