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“The stroller, leré” – CROSS THE LIMITS


Mitsubishi Motors is the brand that sponsors Cristina Gutiérrez, the first Spanish driver in history to finish the Dakar rally in a car.


To honor Cristina’s achievements and trajectory at the wheel of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross under the concept “Cross the limits”.


From our childhood, we are exposed to a series of impacts that determine what we will be when we grow up. “El cochecito, leré” is the fight song we chose for the spot where an aggressive driving contrasts with a delicate voice singing. Both go in crescendo until we discover that it is Cristina who drives and sings, calling into question the phrase “I don’t want a car”.

We show how Cristina, in a mainly male world such as the automotive industry, crosses the limits with the Eclipse Cross by being the first woman to finish the Dakar in a car.

“El cochecito, leré” is an integrated campaign composed of 3 audiovisual versions of 20, 30 and 45 seconds for television and cinema, graphics for press and outdoor, display campaign, dynamics for RRSS and radio spots.