Affelou Polarize

Summer campaign


Afflelou asked us to work on the brand's summer campaign, Tchin Tchin SOL. A campaign based on the offer of "your polarized sunglasses for 59€ and your 2nd sunglasses for 1€ more". For the campaign we had the influencer María Pombo. We made the design of the pieces, the shooting and all the adaptations of the campaign (display, rrs and digital and PdV).



To make the public aware of the brand's summer offer and attract people to Afflelou's points of sale. To use the influencer María Pombo as the image of the campaign.



We carried out the #POLARÍZATE campaign. We relied on the talent María Pombo and took advantage of the look and feel of IG, the main channel with which the influencer works, to inspire our proposal.

We did a shooting with María Pombo and worked on all the necessary pieces for the summer campaign (Display, RRSS, Digital and PdV).

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