Welcome to the jungle of creativity!

Where every day is a new adventure in the evolution of ideas. At Peanuts&Monkeys, We are not an ordinary agency, we are a unique species in the realm of advertising, where evolution is our philosophy and the 2% difference is our secret key to success.

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Our 2% Theory sets us apart from the rest of the herd. We share 98% of DNA with other agencies, but it's that small 2% of difference that makes us a unique and exceptionally creative species. Like the fine margin that separates the primate from the monkey, we understand that even small changes can have a huge impact on the world of advertising.

Imagine a lush jungle where every tree, every branch, every creature is constantly changing and adapting. That's how we see the world of advertising: a dynamic ecosystem where only the most adaptable survive. And we, like true creative monkeys, move nimbly among the branches, exploring new ideas, looking for the next evolutionary leap in brand communication.



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