Peanuts&Monkeys plugs into freedom with EcoFlow

Evolutionary agency develops end-user conversion campaign EcoFlow offers clean and reliable energy solutions for both home and outdoor activities. Its various product lines include portable power stations and solar panels. After a successful awareness phase, EcoFlow has returned [...]

Roche and Peanuts&Monkeys unveil That Great Unknown

The aim of the campaign is to give visibility to one of the 5 most diagnosed cancers in Spain The month of May is the month of bladder cancer. And Roche, a company committed to the prevention and diagnosis of this disease, which affects more than 20,000 people in Spain every year, has wanted to [...]

Peanuts&Monkeys secures the Ges Seguros account

The company, with more than 90 years in the sector, entrusts its brand to the evolutionary agency Peanuts&Monkeys, which will be in charge of developing and implementing the entire communication ecosystem of the insurer, from strategy to communication, both internal and external, including creativity and branding. Ges Seguros is known for its [...]

Luko entrusts Peanuts&Monkeys with its revolutionary entry into Spain.

Luko, the first digital home insurance in Spain, has started a brand presentation campaign by the agency Peanuts&Monkeys. The French insurtech, which arrived in Spain last July, has launched a brand campaign to announce its launch and communicate its purpose: to revolutionize the world of digital home [...]

Peanuts&Monkeys and Bosch already share the warmth of home.

The evolutionary agency becomes part of the project of the Thermotechnology division of the German multinational. Bosch Termotecnia Residencial is the unit in charge of offering heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning solutions for the home. For them, Peanuts&Monkeys develops the advertising strategy and the B2B and B2C communication activities, becoming part of the [...]


#GitanasEnEstereo is the name of the campaign created by Peanuts&Monkeys, together with the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, with the aim of breaking down stereotypes and claiming equal opportunities for Roma women.

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