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Mitsubishi congratulates Cristina Gutiérrez after her Dakar success

Woman Leader magazine echoes P&M and Mitsubishi’s congratulations to Cristina Gutiérrez after her achievement in the Dakar.

Cristina Gutiérrez, a driver sponsored by Mitsubishi, has excelled in her performance in this year’s Dakar, becoming the first woman to finish the competition at the controls of a car.


To celebrate its triumph, Mitsubishi wanted to create a very special greeting. Thus, with the help of the evolutionary agency, an illustration of the pilot and a greeting card were created and published in various media.


Magazines such as Marca echoed the news, adding their congratulations. For its part, Woman Leader magazine decided to go even further. In addition to converting the page created to congratulate Cristina on their back cover, they added an interview with this pilot in their second publication.