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Viceroy is what I am


Grupo Munreco entrusts Peanuts & Monkeys with the Christmas campaign for its Viceroy brand, after calling for bids from several agencies.

Viceroy chose the value proposition of Peanuts & Monkeys, thanks to its renewed brand approach, its contribution in new native formats for social networks and an efficient integration of digital media in the creative strategy.


We loved the idea of involving the actor Antonio Banderas, to propose something he hadn’t done before. It was not an easy task. But he had to be an active part of the campaign, as he was an active part of the product, the designer of the watches and accessories featured in the campaign, the “Antonio Banderas Disign” by Viceroy line.

We didn’t want to do the typical conventional campaign with a celebrity and that’s what our proposal was based on.


Under the claim “What I live today. Is what I am”, we talk about time, how each moment is lived differently and how we adapt to each of those moments through the accessories of the new Viceroy and Antonio Banderas Design collection.

In the campaign, we wanted to show in a novel way and based on the musical rhythm of a clock, an audiovisual where the presence of the product is continuous, where it is naturally integrated and is the main axis of all the pieces, conceived more as a musical content than as an advertisement.

The use of an actor as multifaceted as Antonio Banderas takes advantage of the multitude of roles he has been able to play throughout his career and the amount of things he does in his life. His ability to adopt different roles and learn such disparate things as on this occasion is the “Clapping” or “Bodypercussion”. The campaign can be defined as an innovative bodypercussion video clip. A musical style based on the rhythm and sounds that are generated by percussion with our own body and in which Antonio Banderas has had to introduce himself with his already known musical sense.

To compose and perform the musical piece for this campaign, the agency and the client, the artist, actor and composer Roberto Bonacini, who also holds a Guinness Record for body percussion.

Bonacini has been Antonio Banderas’ bodypercussion trainer. It was a very complicated piece, we had to entrust it to an expert percussionist like Roberto so that it would work perfectly musically and that Antonio would be able to perform the different figures and rhythms of the composition with absolute perfection.

The musical campaign made with this videoclip style, has been produced by the production company “Garage Films”, and has counted with Hugo Menduiña as Director and Paco Femenía as Director of photography.

An integrated campaign, which in addition to TV spots of 10 to 60 seconds, includes outdoor and point-of-sale graphic pieces, whose photographer has been Antón Goiri, and various digital and content specific pieces for social networks. Among them, an immersive 360 VR video for Facebook and Youtube, in which the user literally gets into the center of the ad with Antonio Banderas with visual and surround sound.